Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK v9.5.0 (God Mode, Dumb Enemies) Download

Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK

Introduction of Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK

Royal Revolt 2 is a captivating tower defense game that challenges players to protect their kingdom from relentless waves of monsters. As the sequel to the highly successful Royal Revolt, this game takes the genre to new heights with its engaging gameplay and strategic depth.

To succeed in Royal Revolt 2, players must carefully plan and deploy their forces to fend off the hordes of demons threatening their castle. Each level presents a thrilling battle between humans and monsters, where players must use their wit and tactical skills to emerge victorious.

One of the key features of Royal Revolt 2 is the ability to create a squad of unique and intelligent warriors. Players can customize their army by choosing from a variety of different units, each with its own strengths and abilities. By strategically combining these forces, players can create a formidable defense against any enemy onslaught.

In addition to building a powerful army, players can also upgrade their army strength through various means. Whether it’s through unlocking new abilities, acquiring powerful weapons and equipment, or training their troops to be more efficient in battle, there are many ways to enhance your forces and increase your chances of success.

Furthermore, Royal Revolt 2 encourages players to form alliances with friends and other players. By teaming up with allies, players can share resources, exchange tactics, and coordinate attacks to overcome even the toughest challenges. Cooperation and communication are key to thriving in this game.

Lastly, players must take care of their main hero, the newly crowned king or queen. As the leader of their kingdom, players must guide their hero through the chaotic battles, making strategic decisions and leading their troops to victory. By leveling up their hero and unlocking new abilities, players can become even more formidable in battle.

Overall, Royal Revolt 2 offers a thrilling and immersive tower defense experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end. With its challenging gameplay, strategic depth, and engaging multiplayer features, it’s no wonder why this game remains one of the most attractive choices in the genre. So gather your forces, defend your kingdom, and prepare for an epic battle against the forces of darkness!

Gameplay of Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK

Welcome to our game! In each level, you’ll encounter a vast and diverse world with different terrains, from savannas to icy landscapes. Your goal is to dominate on every battlefield by selecting the right army for the terrain and defeating the various monsters you’ll encounter, such as Goblins, Giants, and Elves.

Here’s how the game works:

  1. Choose your battlefield: Decide where the battle will take place, considering the terrain and the types of monsters you’ll face.
  2. Select your army: Pick the troops that are best suited for the chosen terrain and ready them for war.
  3. Start the battle: Press the ready button to begin the onslaught of monsters. They’ll start pouring in from designated lines.
  4. Deploy your troops: Strategically place your troops on the battlefield to confront and stop the advancing monsters.
  5. Fight to victory: Watch as your armies clash with the monsters, using their unique powers and abilities to emerge victorious.
  6. Equip your armies: Ensure that each race in your army is fully equipped with the necessary powers and resources to succeed in battle.

Step into a world of strategy and battle as you reclaim your kingdom in Royal Revolt 2. This sequel to the popular game puts you in charge of rebuilding and defending your realm.

In Royal Revolt 2, you’ll need to construct buildings, conduct research, and train your army to strengthen your forces. Prepare for both offense and defense as you lead your troops into battle against other players.

When attacking enemy strongholds, Royal Revolt 2 takes on the feel of a real-time strategy game. Command your troops, utilize skills, and upgrade equipment to emerge victorious.

On the defensive side, the game becomes a tower defense challenge. Customize your stronghold with turrets, gates, and traps to thwart enemy attacks and protect your kingdom.

While Royal Revolt 2 offers an engaging gaming experience, some players may find it expensive. Many features require gems, which can be purchased with real money, leading to potential costs for players.

Overall, Royal Revolt 2 offers a unique blend of strategy, action, and tower defense gameplay, making it an exciting choice for gamers looking for a challenging and immersive experience.

Features of Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK


In Royal Revolt 2, face thrilling challenges across diverse landscapes, from lush grasslands to icy terrains. Lead your army against hordes of enemies like goblins, giants, and more.


Visit the smithy to forge powerful weapons and enhance your troops’ abilities. Spend gold coins to strengthen your forces and acquire Pearls to unlock magic stone enchantments.


Join guilds and team up with friends to increase your power and compete against other guilds. Enjoy social interactions and plan strategic battles together.


Choose a hero with strong leadership skills and equip them with the best armor and weapons. Your hero will lead the charge on the battlefield, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Mod features of Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK

Tower Defense RPG

Begin by constructing a sturdy castle defense to repel enemy attacks. Customize your troops, towers, and obstacles to create an impenetrable fortress.


Strengthen your kingdom by leveling up and enhancing your domain. Equip your ruler with the best gear and spells to suit your preferred playstyle.

Regular Seasonal Events

Engage in thrilling conquests, alliance wars, and ninja events to showcase your strategic prowess and gain valuable rewards.

Explore New Territories

Venture into uncharted lands by launching attacks on rival factions. Uncover hidden dungeons and recruit powerful troops to bolster your forces.

Global Friendship

Forge alliances with players from around the world, or team up with in-game friends to conquer challenges together.


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