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An interesting online solitaire game TRIPEAKS, in which you need to free the game table from cards. Pleasant, calm and at the same time solitaire dragging on its simplicity.
The name of the solitaire is not associated with card suits. All suits play, not just Spades. The name of the game was due to the fact that the cards on the gaming table are folded into 3 piles, externally forming mountain peaks, and this is the name Three Peaks.


Three piles of the map are laid out on the playing field, in the form of mountains, or rather mountain peaks. We need to free the game table, that is, remove all the cards. Cards are removed in turn, you can put a smaller one on a larger one, a large card on a smaller one, you can alternate. For example, on the Seven you can put the Eight, then again the Seven, then the Six and so on. Card suits do not need to be observed, the main thing is to pay attention to the card rank.
At the bottom there is an additional deck consisting of 23 cards, we remove cards from it when there are no more available moves on the solitaire table.


- try less often to use cards from an additional deck, in one approach, remove the maximum cards from the playing area.
- time, it works against us, time decreases, points decrease along with the passage of time.

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