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DAILY Solitaire is a standard game on a computer or laptop. Many people like to do this. Someone puts out solitaire in their free time to just relax. Some while away at the office. The process of collecting and unfolding cards is quite an exciting and exciting activity. Like so many games on a personal computer, playing DAILY Solitaire cards has undergone some modifications.

DAILY Solitaire is practically no different from our usual solitaire. But there are still some differences. The main feature of this online solitaire is that an additional deck can be turned over an unlimited number of times. For the rest, this is our favorite online game Solitaire Solitaire, which you can play for free and without registration.


The playing field consists of three parts. At the top right there are 4 cells for cards, which we will remove from the gaming table. Above left is an additional deck. In the center of the table are the cards that need to be removed in the upper cells.
To expand the Solitaire - Klondike Solitaire, you need to move all the cards from the playing field to the upper cells.
How to stack cards in the upper cells? In order, starting with Ace and ending with the King. The suit must be respected. To make it easier, these cells are immediately indicated by the desired suits.
The gaming table is a card laid out in 7 piles. Cards need to be moved to the upper cells. As part of the game table, you can also move cards, only you can put a smaller card on a larger one, while the colors must be alternated in color: red and black. You can also move groups of cards that are already arranged in order. Only a King can be transferred to a free cell on the playing field.
If there are no cards available for movement on the playing field, we turn to an additional deck for help. Recall that it is located on the upper left.


- if necessary, cards from the upper cells can be returned to the game.
- the game time is not limited, do not rush, think about your moves.

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