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GAME SPIDER Solitaire is one of the most interesting and popular types of solitaire. You can play it at home, at work, and on the road.
The game has 3 difficulty levels. The simplest level is when cards of only one masticics are involved. The second level of difficulty already provides for two suits - spades and worms. The most difficult, third level, when all four suits are involved - spades, worms, tambourines and crosses.

This exciting game has three layout options:

with one suit;
with two suits;
with four suits.
For beginners, the first option is suitable, since it is the simplest. The following two options are somewhat more complicated.


The task is set before you: to lay out cards sequentially from ace to king. During the layout process, it happens that the cards to move end. Then below you can click on the card, which is located face down, and an additional row of cards will appear on the playing field.

If you easily coped with the first level of difficulty, the transition to the second or third option may not seem to you quite easy. The main difficulty in these options is the transfer of cards of different suits to each other.

Spider Solitaire Rules

First of all, you need to choose cards of the same suit, after which you can transfer the already formed column from the existing row. In other words, the column remains “alive” and can be moved around. There are limitations: columns consisting of cards of different suits cannot be moved. So, if you put a cross nine on the ten peak, then this column will be blocked, and you will not move it. To perform the next action in the game, you will need to work with other columns.

There is another feature of swapping cards. If you have created a situation where there are no more moves, you can use the new batch from the remaining deck. If there is even one empty place on the playing field, you will not be able to carry out this action. But this is a solvable problem, since you can always fill an empty space with any card.
Kings can only be transferred to freed cells, since they cannot be transferred anywhere else.
Solitaire is considered to be collected when all eight sequences are collected in a suit and taken out of the playing field.
The deck is not retransmitted.

Tricks and Secrets for Successful Spider Games

Not always in games of the second and third difficulty level, the calculation of the cards in rows of the same suit is obtained. A temporary layout becomes compelled when another suit is laid on top of one suit. But if you have a deadlock, do just that.
At every opportunity, try to open new cards, as this action increases your chances of winning and gives you the opportunity to a variety of layout options. Think, moving cards in columns, try to free at least one column of the playing field as quickly as possible.
Use empty cells to store cards or rows in a sequence.
When moving cards, try to collect the columns first, starting with the highest in rank. This will provide you with an additional reserve for the subsequent construction of the column.

Do not rush to add a new row of cards. Make sure you use all existing layout options and select the correct one.
After moving one collected column, reorganize all the remaining cards on the field. Make sequences, open hidden cards and fill in cells.
When choosing games of the second and third difficulty levels, remember that it is undesirable to lay down the other suits that are the least worthy, onto the cards already collected sequentially. Since you will lock the column to move or finalize it.
Having mastered these tricks, you can learn how to play better, winning the game easily and quickly.
Spider Solitaire can be customized to your liking, changing and saving parameters. You can save the unfinished game and play it later. During the game, it is possible to cancel the move by pressing Ctrl + Z.

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