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A simplified view of solitaire. There are more open cards on the playing field.

As everyone already understood, the online game solitaire YUKON has several variations. Today we will introduce you a new implementation of the game solitaire YUKON. It differs in that there are more open cards on the game table, which means the game may seem easier. In fact, the lack of an additional deck does not simplify the game, and even complicates it in something.


As in the usual YUKON variants, the playing field is not much different. At the top of the playing field there are 4 card slots, here we add cards in turn and in suit.
On the playing field, the cards are arranged in seven piles. some of these cards are open. You can move cards within the playing field on top of each other. You can put a smaller card into a larger one, alternating suits of black and red.
The main difference from classic solitaire is that here you can move not only ready-made combinations of cards, but absolutely any. That is, cards are moved by any piles.
Complicating the game is that there is no extra deck, all the cards are already in the game.
By moving cards you can always achieve good results. Even in my first trial game, I was able to correctly decompose solitaire, though a lot of time was spent. Such online games bring a lot of positive mood, and solitaire YUKON solitaire also develops logical thinking.

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