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KLONDIKE is the easiest online solitaire game. The game does not oblige you to anything - you slowly lay out the cards in turn and that’s all. The simplest design, without fancy, on the screen there is only one button "New game" and a clock that counts the time you spent on the game.

KLONDIKE Solitaire got its name from the fact that at the beginning of the game all the cards are laid out in the form of a right triangle. The game uses one full deck of 52 cards. All cards from the playing field must be folded into separate 4 cells in turn, starting with Ace. Only a king can be put on a free cell in the field. KLONDIKE solitaire is considered to be spread out when all the cards are collected in suits by turns starting from Ace and ending with King.


Learning to play Solitaire Solitaire is simple, just read the rules and try. The rules are simple, you quickly get comfortable and playing online will bring you only pleasure.
At the top of the screen there are 4 cells, there we must transfer all the cards, starting with the ace.
On the playing field in front of us are seven stacks of cards. In the first pile - one card, in the next - two, and so on. Only the top cards of each pile are open. the rest of the deck is on top. When the moves end, one card is removed from the deck, all these cards are introduced into the game. There should be no cards in the deck at the end of the game.
How to walk. In KLONDIKE solitaire, you can only put a smaller card onto a larger one, while black and red suits must alternate. You can also transfer stacks of cards. All Aces immediately need to be thrown up and then collect this suit on it in order.
You can only transfer the King to a free field, or a stack of cards that begins with the King.


From the cards discarded to the top, some can be returned to the game, use this function if necessary.
Also, at the very beginning, you can choose the easiest, at our discretion, layout. Be careful about moving the Kings to the free field, if several Kings participate in the game, transfer one. which is more profitable for you in terms of distribution.

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